Les Baux-de-Provence


Fear of Missing Out

Escape from the matrix

The fear of missing out haunts our social networks and our real lives alike. But there is a way to break free


Selfie Important

Massive coffee, sense of entitlement
Sharp elbowed constant contact
Look at me look at me look at me

News cycle feed burn linked in liked
Connected cloud priority update
Status status status

The arrogant assumption
That you don’t know
That you want me to tell you

My rare insight (obvious common knowledge)
My fabulous, predictable, life ‘style’
Shared and shared and shared

As if you cared
But of course you don’t
You’re just like me

The Rules

Love G.

Don’t be cynical
Nurture Relationships
Don’t Blame Others
Positive Expression
KIndness is the Primary Virtue

Say Yes

Piano / Guitar / Electronic Music

Booze Free Days

No Malarky
Pilates / Stretch
Three Good Things
Straight out of Bed
Brush Twice
Eat Better / Less Fat / Lose Weight
Outdoors Adventure

Be Distracted Less