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Nurture Relationships
Don’t Blame Others
Positive Expression
KIndness is the Primary Virtue

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Be Distracted Less

Hyde Park

Failed to find the Tanwy or Little owls, but did find where they are, and spoke to a bloke who’d seen a Little “ten minutes ago”.

This Egytian Goose landed in a tree nearby as I was looking…

egypt_goose_0479 egypt_goose_0476 egypt_goose_0474

West Sussex

G. away skiing so early start to Farlington Marshes. Very cold, some rain, but mostly bright and clear. Trying out the Canon SX50…

What’s that over there on the grass?
Looks like it’s some Brent Geese…
Yep… Definitely Brents!

A tagged Blackwit…

blackwit_0438 blackwits_0441

A nice bright Greenfinch…



Also of note, a number of RED-BREASTED MERGANSER, and my first CHIFF-CHAFF of the year.

Later to Pucks Cottage, Knutbourne… A nice tagged GREENSHANK…

greenshank_0462 greenshank_0457

In the afternoon a twitched (via birdguides) GREAT GREY SHRIKE, shot at pretty extreme range…

gg_shrike_0469 gg_shrike_0468

and a (too far to photograph) juvenile BLACK-NECKED GREBE. Both at Watersfield, W. Sussex, near Pulbourgh. Went to Pulbourgh Brookes after, but not but much happening, except for more Chiff Chaffs heard, and a Bullfinch “just seen”, but not by me.